Message from Managing Director


Dear Friends,

Followmorning Lda. is a government authorized domestic recruitment agency having recruitment license NIF 513199470 registered under the Company Act of Portugal. It was established in the year 2015 with an objective of exact and efficient meeting of client demands to the benefit of both employer and employee from home.

Followmorning Lda has adopted a policy of appropriate recruitment of specific requirement. In other words, right supply to right demand. And for that, the organization has come up with full-fledged infrastructural and management facilities in conformity with modem methods of trading demands. This organization has come up in the realm of manpower trade to serve interests of all concerned -the individuals recruited at home, the valued clients abroad and the government with acumen and efficient access in the affair. It has come to serve with prudence and trust. It began with a humble dispatch of less than a hundred and achieving a considerable increase in that over the years. And confidently now I can say these all happens by dint of our sincere and honest effort.

Finally, the portal your hand is our renewed commitment for quality and better service. We will continue to provide competent human resources including skilled and unskilled. I hereby want to assure you the quality service and better cooperation. We sincerely thank and look forward to render our service to your esteemed companies and industries.

Assuring you of our commitment to achieve common goals,


Sincerely yours,

Mr. Niraj Subedi
Managing Director, Followmoring Lda.